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Our Services, Customized for you.

fertilizer and soil analysisWith fertilizer being the core of Bromley Ag’s product line, we support that with many services tailored to your exact needs as a grower. For many greenhouse growers and professional horticulturalists, soil and water quality are key to growing the highest quality crops at the greatest yields.

Bromley Ag offers the following services:

  • Soil, water, and tissue sampling
  • Custom fertilizer recipes based of careful analysis of soil, water, and/or tissue samples.
  • Fertilizer blending, liquids or dry
  • Blended fertilizer reverse engineering – We can beat anyone’s prices on blended liquid fertilizers
  • Fertigation/irrigation system design
  • Labeling and regulatory compliance for all types of fertilizers
  • Liquid Fertilizer bottling and labeling for retail sales